There is nothing comparable to the scents, colors and noises of this city.

Whether you get out of the sky by plane, or by land in the car, the amazement that it generates already from afar, with its lights, the enormous hotels and the kitsch atmosphere is inevitable.

In Las Vegas Each person can find something dedicated to him, whether traveling alone, in the family or with a group of friends, who love to play or shop, you will hardly get bored in the city that never sleeps.

LasVegas changes, is constantly changing, a hotel is demolished, there are two more, but little changes… that’s the beauty.

Sin City-City of Sin-this his nickname, even before the legalization of gambling in Nevada, the city was well known for casinos, corruption and crime.

Notorious for his ties to the underworld, Las Vegas, he sees accelerated growth after the entry into the scene of the man who at the time was considered to be “more dangerous than America ” Benjamin Siegel, known as Bugsy, very rich and geniuses.

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